God in the Garden

I think one of the reasons I love to spend time in the garden is because I find a sense of clarity and peace that alludes me elsewhere. In the beginning, God made man and placed him in a garden; the presence of God was with him.

I speculate that one reason for this is that both God’s majesty and mystery can be found in the garden. Principles of sowing and reaping, seed time and harvest, and the discipline required for all of these things teach us life lessons that we can readily comprehend.

Parables that reference vineyards and pruning, separating wheat from chaff, lilies and fig trees appear simple. Yet, when examined closely, reveal so much more. The stress of these times we live in find us yearning for God. But perhaps, He is more easily found in some places than others.

It is my prayer that you find the devotionals helpful. Some are many years old. Others are newly written. Still, if you have landed on this page, I hope you leave inspired, refreshed, and with a new perspective toward whatever challenges you may face.

Peace to you.

I’ll see you in the garden.

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