Welcome to Green Garden Therapy

How does your garden grow?

My garden isn’t exactly thriving at the moment. I wouldn’t call it green right now. Still, it reveals its lessons just the same.  As I walk around anticipating warmer days ahead, I never fail to find something interesting (and a bit of myself) when I take time to see what’s going on in the garden.

I once believed my garden needed me to tend to it and create an aesthetically pleasing space. I now know these many years later that I need the garden far more than it ever needed me. Sure there is much pruning, watering, and continual clearing to be done. Yet, my garden teaches me to nurture myself lest I fall into despair.

The garden teaches me discipline and determination. It teaches me to bend when I’m inflexible. It also teaches me not to take myself so seriously.

Man was created with a purpose, and that purpose began in a garden.  I welcome you into mine and my musings. I also encourage you to share your garden with me. Whether it be many acres or just a few pots–your gardening stories, tips, and photos are welcome here.

Let’s grow together.

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